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Playtech Marvel Slots

For a number of years, players who are seeking the most intense gambling experience have turned to the games that are offered by Playtech. This is one of the leading software providers in the industry and is known for the creation of amazing and rewarding slot games. When players enter a site that is powered by Playtech, they will see a number of licensed and branded games, including the popular Marvel Comic slot games. These games are top notch branded video slots that offer fantastic features and many ways for players to collect payouts from small wagers.

In 1999, Playtech signed a licensing deal with Marvel to offer slot games based on Marvel Comic Movies. While Cryptologic was already offering Marvel Comic games based on the comics themselves, this new license with Playtech opened the doors to the creation of amazing video slots with intense graphics all based on hit movies. Playtech started by offering Iron Man and the Hulk slot machines and these soon because so popular that he company devoted more time to the development of Marvel games.

Since the licensing agreement, there have been a huge number of Marvel slots released. However, the licensing agreement with Marvel does end in 2016 and will be replaced with a deal with Disney, so the current Marvel games will be replaced. However, players can enjoy stunning games that include X-Men, Captain America, Spiderman, The Avengers and many more.

The highlight of playing the Marvel slots from Playtech is the ability to win a random progressive jackpot at any time. All of these games are linked to the same jackpot pool and offer multiple jackpots. Players do not have to place a maximum bet to win nor do they need any special winning combination. These jackpots can be won at any time following a spin on the game.

The Marvel Comic slots from Playtech are rich in graphics and use many clips from the hit movies that have been released. With stunning animations, awesome soundtracks and high paying bonus rounds, these games have become the most played by any video slots fan in Playtech online casinos. Since the license will soon be ending, it is unlikely that new games will be introduced, but what is out there will surely entertain players for hours and offer amazing chances to collect huge real money payouts.

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